Bonus Post and a bit of Info

Because I’m in the middle of readying posts for this site for the next few months, here’s a bonus post!

Also some fun (to me at least) site facts:  I’m fast approaching my 1000th post and have almost caught up with images taken before June 2018.  To roll through some of the good but not great images I’ve started assembling some posts with multiple images.  Sometimes these posts are just random shots of the same animal, but other times they tell a short story, like the time an American Robin was happily taking a bath only to have his bath invaded by a mob of European Starlings.  There are also some upcoming weeks devoted to particular animals/birds like I’ve done in the past.

In addition to those two things, I started scheduling second daily images to be posted in the late afternoon.  Sometimes these images are related to the morning’s post but often times they’re just another interesting ball of fluff or feathers that stopped by outside my office.

You may have noticed that over the last year the garden outside my office has started to take shape.  The story behind that is posted over at — where I’m terribly behind in finishing stories, but the great news it that I’ve hired a PA to help me with some stuff here at the ranch and thus have slotted hours in my schedule for working on stories for PAWDF as well as brining up another photography website.

I’m also in the market for another copy editor/proof reader.  This, unlike the PA gig would be unpaid to start, but the perks include seeing upcoming stories for PAWDF and you can do it remotely.

Oh and for those wanting more stats, within those 1000+ posts there are about 1400 images.  That’s a lot of stuff visiting outside my window….