This is a personal site of Stega.  

Originally my personal website was Purgatory.org, but in the summer of 2015 that domain became the blog site for our home, Purgatory Auto Works and Dinosaur Farm. Then when this site grew and grew into its current form, I started yet another site over at Networkgirl.org for my other photography endeavors and a small blog.

About this site: a coyote and a friend inspired me to share what I see when just sitting at my computer and I post the better shots here. In the last five years almost 4000 images have been published. (New image posts usually go live at 7am, 12pm, 4pm and 7pm PST.)

Until August 2018 I was able to republish posts directly to my Facebook profile, but due to changes on the FB end, there is now a separate FB page for the content.