Back in 2016 a visiting coyote and a friend inspired me to share what I see when just sitting at my computer in my office. I’ve always enjoyed using a camera so I started posting the better shots here. I now also include the occasional shot taken when walking through the pastures.

When we purchased this place back in 2015 the open grass pastures had all been grazed down to dust and it’s taken us many years to get native grasses back. As of this update we are at about 75% native with mustard and thistle hanging on in small patches on the hillside, but each year those patches shrink just a bit. As the grasses have returned so have the birds with over 90 documented species: even more if you go by our BirdWeather stats.

Until August 2018 I was able to republish posts directly to my personal Facebook profile, but FB changed policies so there is now a separate FB page: like the page and you will see every day’s images or you can also sub directly to the rss feed.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:  Where are most of these images taken?
The majority of images on this site are taken while sitting at my desk in my office — the north wall of which is almost entirely windows. Other images are taken elsewhere at Purgatory.

Q: Why can I not comment on a post?
This isn’t a discussion site. This is an archive of the wildlife here at the ranch.

Q:  What camera do you use?

My current setup is a Canon RF5 with an RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM and sometimes an RF1.4x Extender.

Originally I was shooting with a Canon Mark III 5D, but in 2017 I upgraded to a Canon Mark IV 5D. My primary lens was 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS I, but in 2019 I upgraded to the II.  Then in late 2022 I upgraded to the RF5 and about six months later swapped to the native mount 100-500 lens.

Q: What editing software do you use?
I use CaptureOne from PhaseOne. I used Aperture for over 12 years — three of which were after Apple had stopped further development, but then when I got my new camera body in early 2017, Aperture wouldn’t process the RAW files. While I moved my mobile device images over to Photos, I jumped over to CaptureOne to manage my other image libraries.  As an added bonus CaptureOne automagically imported my Aperture libraries and thus preserved ratings and non-destructive edits. Occasionally I use Topaz Sharpen or DeNoise.

Q: What’s your selection process for images?

  • Is the bird in focus?
  • Can you see the bird’s eye? If not, is it still an interesting shot?
  • Is the bird’s butt facing the camera? If so, is it still an interesting shot?
  • Is the light good? If not is it still an interesting shot?
  • Do you have a better shot in the stack?
  • Do you have to do any post work? If so, is post work worth the effort?

Q: Why don’t you have a privacy policy?
I do.

Q: Can I purchase a print of a particular image?
No, but I do sometimes offer up images in some form for non-profits’ fundraising efforts.