About & FAQ

IMG_9672This is a personal site of Stega.  Originally the site used was Purgatory.org but in the summer of 2015 that domain was donated for use for our new home, Purgatory Auto Works and Dinosaur Farm.

A coyote and a friend inspired me to share what I see when just sitting at my computer and I post the better shots here as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between the posts labeled “Outside My Window” and other image posts here?

A: While all the images posted here of wildlife were taken at our home (this doesn’t include the labeled image galleries) sometimes I take my camera out of the office and take pictures of other areas of Purgatory.  Since the ranch is 13.6 acres we have quite a varied landscape.  Those images labeled “Outside My Window” were actually taken through the windows of my office.

Here’s a panorama of my office:  the entire north wall is comprised of windows.


Q:  What camera do you use?

A: A Canon Mark II Canon Mark IV 5D with a 100-400 Zoom.  The pic is of my old body.


Q: What editing software do you use?

A: I use Aperture.  I use CaptureOne from PhaseOne.

I hate the subscription based model that Adobe has moved to and I consider it evil. I used Aperture for over 12 years–three of which were after Apple had stopped  further development, but then when I got my new camera body in early 2017, Aperture wouldn’t process the RAW files. While I moved my mobile device images over to Photos, I jumped over to CaptureOne to manage my other image libraries.  As an added bonus CaptureOne automagically imported my Aperture libraries and thus preserved ratings and non-destructive edits.

I actually don’t edit images often.  Sometimes I crop and sometimes I remove a splotch of sky that the imperfection in my lense has caused.

Q: Why don’t you have a privacy policy?

I do.