About Outside My Window

A while back I started a new Purgatory-related feature here.  (For those that missed the news, we bought a ranch last year and up on Purgatory.org we post all the random and not-so random stories about what it’s like and how we’re fixing it up since the previous owners kind of let it go to pot.)

The new feature here is simple:  when I’m at my desk I sit next to a wall of windows and my camera sits next to me, and I take pictures of the wildlife that visit.

There was a small issue the first week and posts weren’t getting published correctly, plus since most of the area outside of my office used to be covered by a deck that the house’s previous owners built over the septic tank–only during inspections we discovered said septic tank had a collapsed baffle wall, so we had to rip out the deck so a nice new tank could be put in— that means there’s a lot of barren earth right now.  But that will soon be remedied as well.

Anyway, this is a long winded way of saying a coyote and a friend inspired me to share what I see when just sitting here at my computer.


Taken 2/23/16

Western Scrub Jay