Sometimes people ask me how they can get a print copy of an image here. It doesn’t happen often, but I figure for every person that asks there are probably one or two others wondering the same question.

My goal is not to make money from this or any of my other sites, as I just like publishing and sharing my photos and stories I think are interesting. Plus, it would be a huge amount of work to setup a shopping cart and port the entire growing catalog of images on this site into some sort of store front. Instead this is how you can get an official print of any one of the images posted to this site:

1) Send me an email (stega @ stega dot org) with the URL of the post(s) containing the image(s) you would like a printed copy of — you can chose up to three images. Be sure to include your shipping address and size preference: either standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ or 13″ x 19″.

2) Once I confirm I can print it/them, you can PayPal me $20 to cover the cost of the supplies, the mailing tube (for large prints)/sturdy cardboard envelope and Priority Mail postage. International shipping will vary and I’ll let you know how much extra that would be.

3) Then you wait for me to print and send it: which depending on my schedule could be as much as a 5-7 days.

4) Once it arrives you can hang it your fridge, put it in a frame or place it on a wall and throw darts at it. Totally up to you.